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Introduction: I am frequently asked for my thoughts on resumes, and I’m always happy to provide feedback and suggestions. Surprisingly, many of the resumes I encounter in need of the most help are from individuals who’ve hired professional resume writers. It’s disheartening to see people spend a significant amount of money only to receive poor advice. The world of resume writing can be confusing, and while seeking professional help might seem like the logical choice, it’s essential to ensure that the person providing assistance is genuinely qualified.

The LinkedIn Poll: Recently, we conducted an informal poll on LinkedIn to gauge opinions on whether hiring a professional resume writer for legal tech resumes is advisable. With nearly 20 responses, we found that one-third of the participants believed professional help was a must, while the remaining two-thirds were skeptical. Here’s a breakdown of the poll results:

Legal Techies: Is hiring a professional Resume Writer for your resume a good idea? Please share your thoughts/experiences in the comments below!

  • Yes: 35%
  • No: 65%

Who Can Help with Your Legal Tech Resume? In my opinion, there are typically only three types of individuals or groups qualified to help with a resume, particularly in specialized niches like legal tech:

  1. Yourself: No one knows your skills and experiences better than you. With some guidance, you can craft a compelling resume that highlights your strengths.
  2. Experienced Professionals: Seek help from someone with experience in your field, such as a Hiring Manager, a Specialized Recruiter from Human Resources, or someone from a recruiting agency who understands the nuances of your industry.
  3. Colleagues with Industry Experience: Consider consulting a colleague who has worked in a similar role within your industry. Their insights can be invaluable when tailoring your resume to meet industry-specific expectations.

Why Not a Professional Resume Writer? So, why not hire a professional resume writer? The primary purpose of a resume is to showcase your relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments to secure interviews and ultimately find a job. However, if the person providing resume advice doesn’t comprehend your job, your career goals, or what a hiring manager seeks in ideal candidates, their guidance may not be suitable.

If you do happen to find a resume writing professional with the right credentials, do consider their advice. But if their qualifications only include a writing degree or generic resume writing experience, you might want to think twice before spending your hard-earned money.

Remember, receiving resume advice can be tough, but it’s crucial to set aside your ego and seek the best guidance to ensure your resume stands out in the competitive legal tech field.

Conclusion: In the world of resume writing, seeking professional help isn’t always the best solution, especially in specialized fields like legal tech. Instead, consider turning to yourself, experienced professionals, or industry colleagues who can provide tailored insights. Ultimately, the goal is to create a resume that effectively communicates your value to potential employers and secures the job opportunities you desire.

David A. Netzer, MSIB, eDEx

President, Chief Recruitment Officer
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