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We recently had the opportunity to host executive coaching and recruiting superstar, Zelda Owens, on the Legal Tech Talent Network podcast. Zelda is the CEO of Owens Williams & Associates, LLC.

Our conversation centered around the work-from-home battle unfolding between workers and employers, but we covered much more in this episode! Below, please find a few highlights – and make sure to tune into the podcast to hear the full scoop.

We kick things off with an introduction to Zelda. Prior to her pivot into coaching and recruiting, she held numerous leadership positions with top eDiscovery and legal services providers. This experience has allowed her to give great advice as she works one-on-one with eDiscovery professionals, hiring managers, and boards.

After witnessing the development of so many new career paths in eDiscovery and Information Governance, Zelda decided, “it was a great time to step out of a company and start working one-on-one with the professional, so they can move up and move on, as well as provide top talent to law firms and companies who, especially at this point, are scrambling looking for the right people to do amazing work.”

We were particularly interested to hear what Zelda thinks of the #WFH battle, since we’ve witnessed the tug and pull over the issue for the past two years. Not surprisingly, Zelda reported that she’s seen a mix of outcomes, specifically that legal vendors “have already developed the infrastructure and best practices to deal with a remote workforce.” In contrast, she states that many law firms and corporate legal departments have struggled with adapting their communication and operations models with a remote workforce.

Regarding what job-seeking professionals can do to position themselves for success in a new role, Zelda is a big proponent of creating a professional-quality, highly visible LinkedIn profile. As an active user herself since the inception of this crucial social media platform, Zelda shares actionable tips for our listeners, from prompts to create captivating “about” content to the simple steps you can take to achieve a professional (and inexpensive) headshot.

She also provided insight into “time and energy management” that will help professionals of any career level meet their goals while also managing the expectations of their peers, subordinates, and managers.   

For those managing a remote workforce, Zelda offered a few suggestions specifically geared toward retaining exiting employees. Her three most relevant tips for the current job market?

  1. Promote clear, two-way communication.
  2. Ensure that workers receive the message that they are valued not only by their managers but also by the entire organization.
  3. Foster and maintain an inclusive culture that encompasses every employee, because anyone can feel like an outsider when working remotely.

Overall, this conversation has been one of our favorites on the Legal Tech Talent Network podcast, and we encourage you to give it a listen. Special thanks to Zelda Owens for sharing her time and talents with the LTTN community. We are so appreciative that our listeners have the opportunity to hear so much insight from a seasoned legal services professional. To listen to the entire podcast, click HERE. And be sure to subscribe to our channel for more great legal tech, eDiscovery, and legal services career advice.

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