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Today was the first day we were able to check out the VoiceVoice platform powered Watercooler Chats at ILTA>ON.  Logging in was simple, all you do is type your name (and email address for easy sharing/networking straight from the chat) in the box while logged into the conference and then grant permission for the application to access your camera and microphone.  The format allows you to interact with multiple people while on specific pages (based on topics or questions) within the chat room.

The suggested topics served as an icebreaker to get the conversation going, and then the discussions took of from there!  Interestingly, the “Job Networking” room housed a hiring manager from a legal vendor, a legal technologist seeking work, and a legal tech recruiter as well as several other individuals.  It was a great way for the various parties to interact and discuss how each side viewed the recruiting and hiring process.

Overall, this was a great experience and I hope many people will be taking advantage of these great opportunities this week.

Here is a link to view the Watercooler Chat schedule:


David A. Netzer


Legal Tech Talent Network