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Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a hot topic at Legalweek23, with law firms and corporate legal departments exploring its potential applications in eDiscovery, contract management, matter and knowledge management, customer service, billing, and more.  In our recent blog post, we suggested that AI is creating new jobs, which seems to be the case based on what we observed at the event.


To delve deeper into how AI affects legal tech\’s job market, we conducted a poll.  We asked, \”Do you think AI is taking jobs away from Legal Techies?\” Out of 36 respondents, over 50% believed that AI is definitely causing changes in the industry.  However, a little over one-third of respondents did not see any effects yet, while about 10% were confident that AI is causing job losses.

Here are the numbers

Do you think AI is taking jobs away from Legal Techies?
Yes, I know it is411%
No, don\’t think so1336%
Creating new, eliminating some1953%

The good news is that most people in the legal tech community do not see significant net job losses due to AI.  Walking around the exhibit halls at the Midtown Hilton during Legalweek, we noticed many companies showcasing AI-based tech to the legal community.  This means that there are jobs available for people working at those technology providers and for the administrators and users at the companies purchasing the software.  Plus, a host of positions for individuals working for consultancies and managed services firms that assess, implement, and manage the ongoing use of these technologies in law firms and corporate legal departments.  Overall, AI appears to be creating many jobs in the legal tech industry.