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As Artificial Intelligence has catapulted into global conversations recently, it\’s no surprise that LegalWeek23 is featuring multiple educational sessions on the matter. This year\’s conference, scheduled for March 20-23, 2023, has no less than 11 sessions dedicated to the topic alone. It will be imperative for legal technology professionals to increase their knowledge of Artificial Intelligence as we are seeing new career opportunities evolving around this technology at a rapid pace. In our ongoing poll about job loss/gains and AI, we see that nearly 2/3 of respondents believe some jobs are being eliminated due to AI.

The good news is that most of those people are simultaneously seeing new jobs created by AI, which means some people will need to add new skills to ensure they may remain employed in our sector. So please watch for those poll results coming soon to our blog.

That said, with over 80 sessions on the agenda, there are several key AI sessions you might want to attend, depending on your specialty within legal tech. Leaders in AI-powered review technology, such as DISCO and Reveal, are hosting sessions daily to discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence in litigation and investigations. There will also be sessions covering AI\’s help in preparing legal contracts and assessing compliance, security, and governance matters, including the much-publicized ChatGPT application. In addition, there will be discussions about AI driving business growth and supporting non-legal applications such as HR, such as the Wednesday afternoon session hosted by Luminance. Finally, some sessions will touch on ethical considerations of AI, including one sponsored by Clearbrief on Thursday morning.

Want more AI? Below is a list of LegalWeek23 sessions that are sure to discuss the subject:

Here is a link to view the agenda and details

Monday 1:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Reshaping the Legal Profession: Thriving in the Age of Generative AI & ChatGPT

Tuesday 11:30

Driving Compliance and ESG Initiatives with Contract AI

Hosted by: Cimplifi

Tuesday 3:30

The Future of Legal: Cloud, AI, Big Data, and Security

Hosted by: Epiq

Wednesday 11:30

Everything You Wanted to Know about eDiscovery AI (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Hosted by: Reveal

How to use AI to Gain Control of Your Contracts

Hosted by: ContractPodAi

How AI and Generative AI Are Reshaping the Legal Landscape

Hosted by: Evisort

Wednesday 2:00

Supercharge Your Legal Team with AI: Automate Processes, Save Cost, and Drive Business Growth

Hosted by: Luminance

Wednesday 3:30

Choose Your Own Adventure with Custom AI Models

Hosted by: Reveal

Beyond the AI Hype: Key Emerging Use Cases Impacting Information Governance, Ediscovery and Data Disclosure

Hosted by: Disco

Thursday 11:00

AI for Litigation – Ethical and Practical Considerations

Hosted by Clearbrief

A Legal Worriers Guide to AI Chat

Hosted by: Integreon

Outside of the AI niche, we\’re excited to see sessions and keynotes about Governance, Cyber Insurance, and the general State of the Industry hosted by well-known organizations, including IPRO, Microsoft, and ALM. We\’ll also be onsite attending  the conference and will be at a few of the offsite networking events too! So, if you are in NY, then we hope to see you at the show!