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We are starting a new round of LegalTech polls, and with this series, we focus on work/life balance in the eDiscovery vertical.  We want to know what makes workers happy and wish to remain with a company for a long time.  The first poll in our new series sought to get some initial direction concerning finding out what types of employers create the most favorable work environment for legal tech workers. 

The question was for eDiscovery and Legal Techies:

What type of employer do you feel offers workers the best opportunity for an ideal work/life balance?

And the responses were as follows

3% Law Firm

19% Corporate Legal

47% Legal Service Provider (Vendor)

31% Government

Anecdotal evidence gathered during conversations with legal technology professionals has told me there are usually quite a few good reasons stated by experienced individuals supporting a move back to a vendor or back into a law firm.  And I don’t often hear people saying they want to get into a litigation support role within any government entity.   So, I was surprised that half of our respondents cited vendors as having the ideal work environment, with another 30 percent stating that the government offered the best setup.  Don’t get me wrong; I do know that law firms frequently require long hours with evenings and weekends during trials.  But the same is commonly said about vendors.  So, when only 3% of those taking our poll felt law firms offered the best work/life balance, I thought long hours at a vendor must somehow be more tolerable than the same long hours working for a firm. 

This all begs the question: what makes a great workplace a great workplace???

In an effort to dig into the topic of work/life balance from the standpoints of corporate culture, flexible work schedules, and other yet unknown perspectives, we would love to know what makes people happy at work.  Please email us at (we won’t share your name unless you want us to) or write a comment under this post.  We will be gathering input from workers and employers and hope to find out what companies are having success with creating an optimal environment for their employers, and how they are creating that environment.

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David A. Netzer

President, Legal Tech Talent Network