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Through successful talent placements in general counsel teams, we have found that hiring professionals from eDiscovery providers can be a wise strategy for large corporations. Talented eDiscovery professionals in the vendor and consulting sector have experience working with a multitude of in-house legal departments. As a result, they\’ve learned best practices to apply to decrease your company\’s legal spending and allow for more efficient case management.

They also bring a valuable understanding of technology and consulting. What better way to keep your legal software and consulting fees down than to hire a project manager or account manager from eDiscovery providers? These individuals understand how to bundle services and know the way vendors set prices, allowing them to negotiate the best deals for your department deftly.

In addition to a reduction in legal technology costs, these individuals may possess some of the following skills that can benefit your in-house legal department:

  • Improving and implementing workflows that will allow your organization to save time and cut costs
  • Building strong relationships with external partners
  • Knowledge of both successful and unsuccessful projects handled by numerous corporate legal departments and the factors that contributed to those results
  • Understanding of the capabilities and limits of eDiscovery processing and review technologies
  • Understanding of what processes may be accelerated without too much risk
  • Capability to train your internal staff on technology

It\’s important to consider the environment from where your new hires are sourced. With similar skill sets and knowledge of the inner workings of the consulting world, these professionals are well equipped to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of your in-house team. At Legal Tech Talent Network, we can help you find the right talent! Give us a call at (561) 855-1553 or email to discuss your requirements today.

David A. Netzer

President/Recruitment Consultant

Legal Tech Talent Network