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October and November\’s Legal Tech Talent Network polls asked Legal Tech professionals what their highest priorities were regarding compensation. This time around, we wanted to shift our focus to the Human Resources perspective and the issues that have their attention at the moment.

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced employers to adapt to managing a remote workforce and hiring and retaining employees during the Great Recession. At the same time, they\’re constantly monitoring evolving health safety requirements in the workplace. We wanted to know which of these challenges would be the top pain-point identified by human resource managers.

The question we posed:

Legal Tech Managers, Partners, HR Pros, & GC\’s: Which of these 4 Human Resource matters is diverting your attention most often these days: health safety, retention of current staff, hiring, or managing remote staff?

The results were interesting:

  • Health Safety – 0% of votes
  • Retention (of current staff) – 28% of votes
  • Staffing (Hiring) – 57% of votes
  • Managing Remote Staff – 14% of votes.

I was surprised that health safety was not the top-cited HR issue by any of the respondents and that remote staff management was the next least cited concern. It seems that holding onto existing employees was the most concerning matter to nearly one-third of those polled, while almost 60% identified recruitment as their top priority these days.

Our next poll is live through December 13, 2021, and asks Legal & Law Firm Employers the question, \”What is the primary method you are using to attract and retain staff today?\” Share your insights by following the link here.

David A. Netzer, eDEx

President, Legal Tech Talent Network