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Stayce Wagner recently joined Erika Santiago and me for the Legal Tech Talent Network podcast, and it was a really informative conversation. Stacey is an author and corporate etiquette consultant helping individuals and organizations navigate modern business etiquette in the corporate world. Her book, \”Modern Business Etiquette for Young and Fabulous Professionals,\” aims to help recent college grads enter the corporate world with poise and finesse.

During our discussion, Stayce, who has over twenty years of experience as a litigation support professional, applied her etiquette insight to the legal vertical, which tends to lean more formal than the rest of the corporate world. We discussed a broad range of topics and situations, from navigating pandemic-era in-person meetings to initiating and responding to professional emails, calls, and text messages after hours.

We also explored ways that companies can set and manage healthy expectations about professional communication, vaccination questions many of us are thinking but don\’t know how to ask, and even how best to greet people in a professional setting while maintaining social distancing through the use of a \”Power Nod.\”

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David A. Netzer

President, Legal Tech Talent Network