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In our last LinkedIn poll, we learned how legal tech workers prefer to be paid. So this time around, we decided to ask what non-salary preferences professionals had. Again, we received a great response that gave us some insight into supplemental motivations important to our colleagues. These polls only allow up to 4 choices for one multiple-choice question, so we asked respondents to select their top priority from the list, and the results were fascinating:

The results from over 50 respondents ranked in order of top priority first:

37% stated \”Remote/Hybrid\” setups are their top concern

35% told us \”Company Culture\” is their top priority

29% cited \”Advancement Opportunity\” as the most important motivator

0% Selected \”Benefits and Education Reimbursement.\”

The top two selections, \”Remote/Hybrid Set-Up\” and \”Company Culture,\” are nearly tied. Combined, these results indicate a work environment that prioritizes qualities such as empathy and humanity in the workplace. I was a little surprised that no respondents selected \’Benefits and Education Reimbursement\’ as a top motivator as this would put money back in their pockets at the end of the year. And third-placed \’Advancement Opportunity\’ is also closely related to salary since a promotion typically comes with a raise.

It appears we\’re seeing a trend fueled by the pandemic play out: people are tired of the hustle and corporate ladder climb, and they want to work in a place that prioritizes work-life balance. Ultimately, company culture and flexibility of work locations accounted for the major motivators for more than 70% of legal techies polled.

In my recent experience as an Executive Recruiter speaking with candidates contemplating varous employment scenarios, money has been important; however, job seekers have been more focused on work location, the ability to work on a hybrid schedule, and the company culture. The questions they\’re asking to determine company culture include:

Will I be required to monitor and respond to emails at night and on the weekends?

Will I be allowed to work a flexible schedule?

Will I have the option to work remotely?

What do company vaccination policies look like?

We\’re already aware that salaries have recently increased within the legal tech vertical; however, our most recent survey results indicate that non-salary issues may be the final determining factor for many individuals considering a new employer. These days, employers looking to entice top-notch talent to join their organizations should heed the adage, \”Money can\’t buy happiness,\” and consider where they can improve work-life balance for their staff in meaningful ways.

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