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As part of a recent initiative, Legal Tech Talent Network has been conducting polls on LinkedIn, and the results have been fascinating! Our latest survey asked participants to state their preference between receiving a permanent raise or a one-time bonus. Twenty-one respondents weighed in on the matter, and while an overwhelming majority preferred a permanent raise, a sizable group said they would rather earn a bonus! We\’ll dive into the reasoning behind these results in a moment, but first, here are the numbers:

Legal Techies: Would you rather receive a bonus or a raise?

I\’ll take a RAISE – 76%

Give me a BONUS – 24%

Digging into the numbers

Raise Takers: We found that many individuals prefer a raise because they view it as a permanent escalation of their salary level. Not only do they like the idea of the guaranteed extra income each month, but they view it as ammunition for negotiating a higher salary if they are considering a position with a new employer.

Bonus Fans: We did not have as many \”bonus\” fans, but at 24%, it was a substantial number. We\’ve seen the average employment term decline over the years and can\’t help but wonder if Legal Techies considering a job change would feel a greater sense of loyalty to their current employer with a bonus. Or perhaps, they would rather realize the immediate monetary gains from a bonus before moving on to a new position?

We look forward to conducting more polls like this one and value the insight they give us into the minds of legal technology professionals. For our latest LinkedIn poll on non-salary-related inducements that are important to professionals considering a job change, please click the link below.

Which of the following is most important to Legal Tech & Litigation Support job seekers in the current job market?