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As Executive Recruiters, we find ourselves speaking with people considering a job change on a daily basis.  These individuals commonly share reasons they are seeking positions with different companies, and historically the top reasons have been money, volatile management, lack of advancement opportunities, poor work environment, and unbearable company culture.

THAT WAS THEN:   Before Covid-19 hit and almost everyone began working from home in early 2020

When workers went remote in March of 2020, it was a confusing and scary time. Before long, the kinks were resolved and people were able to get into a routine of effectively managing their job duties from their new home office.  After a while, people started to notice they have more free time before and after work due to the fact they are not commuting to the office.  This allowed time for a little more sleep at night, less time being stressed out during long commutes, opportunities to exercise, read, or simply relax. 

FAST FORWARD 14 months, and we have been hearing different motivating factors referenced by jobseekers

Many people now consider commuting as an unnecessary waste of time, and they don’t want to give up their newfound precious extra “me time”.  Getting dressed up to go sit at an office and send emails is now viewed by many as pointless, and people do not see much value in things like paying tolls, excess car maintenance costs, or massive dry-cleaning bills just to go sit in an office and be interrupted by water cooler gossip.  Many candidates have stated they simply refuse to go back into their office to work, and a surprising amount of them claim they will quit their job if needed to remain working from a home office.  We have been hearing that money, when compared to other work benefits, is not quite as important as it was in the past.  Many workers are stating the possibility of roaming freely around their home, the country, or world makes them happier than the idea of a few extra dollars in their paycheck. 

What are the exact reasons?  LET’S FIND OUT!

We will be conducting a survey next week to identify what factors are most important to workers today versus 14 months ago.  Links will be published here on our blog, sent to our eNewsletter subscribers directly (sign up using the form at bottom of page at this link), and posted to social media next week. 

Results will be shared in a few weeks! 

Please check back soon, we are excited to share the news!

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