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There has been a shift within the world of court reporting since last March, and the bulk of production is now a product of “remote depositions” in just about every case.  With sales executives working remotely, many providers of trial services are allowing their representatives to sell nationally which gives an edge to those individuals living in California.  As one of the few states in the US that does not allow employers to enforce noncompete agreements against sales staff that has left the company, we are seeing “national sales roles” appear in California which provide excellent opportunities for increased revenues and commission for the lucky people landing these jobs.  Not only are these individuals able to port over their existing book of local business, but they are also able to develop and manage accounts all around the country.

This shift in the business model will undoubtedly cause many local offices to close as sales and production can both be handled by larger, regional offices in lieu of having brick and mortar locations in every major market. 

We have multiple trial service vendors that are currently seeking sales executives throughout California, as well as many other locations throughout the US.  If you are an experience litigation support sales professional seeking a position, please send a confidential resume to for consideration. 

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