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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a fly on the wall during a conversation between an eDiscovery Recruiter and an eDiscovery Trainer? Now is your chance! Join David A. Netzer of Legal Tech Talent Network as he interviews Erika Santiago of Learn About eDiscovery. Together they will discuss practical ideas for legal professionals to gain experience that will help them land eDiscovery jobs.

Click here to watch: Taking your legal tech career to the next level A guide to building your eDiscovery resume


Erika Santiago is a 25-year veteran of the litigation technology and e-discovery industry. She is sought after as a training consultant to empower litigation teams, project management teams and sales teams in defining
and implementing successful discovery management strategies.
Erika’s practical approach to life-long learning enables even the
most advanced teams to learn something new every day while
focused on defensible industry standards and best practices.

David A. Netzer has been recruiting in the eDiscovery space for over 15 years. As someone constantly speaking with employers and jobseekers within the Legal Tech vertical, David has his finger on the pulse of what hiring managers are seeking as they review candidates.


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