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This was an interesting presentation discussing methods of searching data within an organization and highlighting the various ways for users to access data and information.  Finding ways to join data and extract information gives lawyers the ability to search a firm’s knowledge base from any location, on any device and find the documents, information, or people/practice groups with the expertise they are seeking to assist on a current matter.

Some of the innovative ways vendors are adding to the enterprise search features include combining add-on software to search broader legal or IP databases (or the entire internet) from one search location. This could put an entire firm’s knowledge base plus the power of the internet at the user’s fingertips on mobile device.   If information is what we are seeking, then these technology solutions are certainly providing it.

Compatibility with cloud solutions and/or Office 365 present some newer challenges that will require a constantly evolving plan.  In fact, the speakers were suggesting that IT departments poll the lawyers and other users every few years to find out what they want to ensure their systems are able to provide the desired results.

While this a way out of my own area of expertise, it is clear that the massive amounts of data that are continually collected by firms is an asset that can only be leveraged if the information is easily accessible by those that need it.  These solutions shall continue to be increasingly important as firms struggle to manage so many types of ever-increasing data stored all over the world on seemingly endless locations.  The firms that are able to harness their own knowledge in the most efficient and impactful way clearly have a strong advantage over their rivals.  And the software providers such as BA Insight and Thomson Reuters will remain invaluable to their clients as they keep this information at the fingertips of Lawyers.


David A. Netzer


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