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Jobseekers frequently ask us Recruiters “how do I get around my non-compete agreement” when we are speaking with them about a new opportunity.  The answer is simple: you don’t!  What you do is take a careful look at your agreement and think about whether or not you can perform the duties of the new job without violating the terms of your prior agreement.

Unless you are a Lawyer, you should probably have an Attorney take a look and give you their opinions with respect to the enforceability of the contract. 

More often than not, we find there are ways to work around the agreement such as selling in a different county or focusing on selling a different type of product or service.  Don’t be afraid to let your prospective new employer have their legal team take a look at the agreement either, because chances are they have dealt with similar situations and will be able to help guide you through the transition. They may have even hired sales reps from your current company in the past.

Don’t be trapped in an unfulfilling job just because you are afraid of possible ramifications of your non-compete agreement. We can help guide you through this process, and will work as your advocate during the interview process to set some ground rules ensuring your new employer understands what you can and cannot do with respect to adhering to your prior agreement.

If you are interested in speaking with us regarding an opportunity, please send a copy of your updated resume in MS Word format to and we will get back to you to set a phone call.

We are not Lawyers –  this should not be considered legal advice.