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This year at LTNY (or Legal Week as it is now called) was a little different… eDiscovery seems to be losing its luster as many of the smaller firms don’t seem to have as much of a presence as they did in years past. Avoiding litigation is big business now, whether it relates to Cybersecurity or other types of litigation avoidance such as the fascinating tech of a small European software company we met at LTNY that has developed an algorithm to predict what departments may expect to incur more than their fair share of future legal costs within a large corporation. This prediction is based on the departments’ lack of communication and consultation with their in-house legal department prior to incidents actually occurring.

What does this mean for eDiscovery professionals seeking work?

All the recent consolidation leaves us with what will likely be a handful of mid-size and large firms capturing the vast majority of the market leaving a lot of great people worrying they may be displaced from the niche. As the supply of available candidates in this niche increases, we may see lower salary levels and less overall positions available for all type of candidates.

-The growth areas we see for these folks include digital investigations/forensics, and cybersecurity

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Employers: How does this affect my company from a hiring standpoint?

You company must employ people who can help you implement and manage policies that will keep your data safe in an effort to avoid litigation. Companies must also remain complaint with ever changing data rules around the world. For example – If you do business in Spain and are not compliant with the EU’s GDPR you have less than 15 months to make it happen… Global changes are taking place rapidly and are expected to continue on this path.

We all know data breaches of customer or employee information can cause big issues for a company in terms of litigation, however this is also a big concern from a PR standpoint too as leery customers may not want to do business with a company that is perceived to have poor cybersecurity standards. Bad press equals reduced goodwill and eventually lower profits with decreased market capitalization for companies on Wall Street.

There are only so many candidates out there who possess the skills and knowledge you need to formulate proper data defense and storage policies, and we can help you find these people.

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