Legal Tech Talent Network


This year’s ILTA conference took place in Fabulous Las Vegas at the beautiful conference center located inside Caesars’s Palace, and it was a huge success!  There were four main areas of focus, plus a number of sessions dedicated toward the future adaptations that will be required for law firms to remain viable into the coming decade (Law2020).  With over 3,000 attendees, this year ILTA had the highest attendance ever!

The four focus areas this year included the following:

  • Information Management
  • Organization Management
  • Applications/Desktop
  • Technology Operations

Some of the most exciting material covered at ILTA came from the Law2020 sessions and Keynote address which went past cutting edge technology and gave us a glimpse into the future!  Law2020® is ILTA’s multi-year, multiplatform educational programming initiative focusing on the ways in which law firms will have to adapt in order to thrive over the next decade, by the year 2020. 

In other news:  a common subject we heard mentioned numerous times was the nearly unanimous “strong dislike” of Windows 8!

In the coming weeks, we will be blogging about things we heard about at ILTA including tech trends, the future of hiring, and new products.

  • Could a DNA test become part of the interview process?
  • Could a law firm replace MS Office with Google Docs?  We heard it has happened in some places…
  • Law firms moving to Agile Project Management
  • How to position your company to profit in emerging markets such as Brazil, South Africa, China, and Mexico
  • Alternative billing – who does that?