Recruitment Marketing (RM)


Recruitment marketing is a method used by companies to attract the top potential candidates into their hiring funnel while simultaneously promoting the company “brand” to all the individuals working in a particular niche.

Nurture campaign: Spread the word that a company is growing, expanding, & hiring. Begin to develop relationships with potential candidates long before they make a move

Employer branding: Demonstrate why individuals would want to work for your company through innovative techniques such as “employee testimonial videos” and sharing information about new software, exciting projects, photos of company events
Recruitment Advertisting 


Recruitment advertising is a traditional method of posting jobs to a job board or "help wanted" section of a website or newspaper.  This method is used by companies to attract applicants for a particular job requirement that is "open" and for which the employer is accepting applications and scheduling interviews.

Job Postings: Advertise an open position, or purchase a package to post multiple or unlimited job postings

Resume Database: Purchase a resume database package to gain access to CV's and contact information of candidates in your field

Executive Recruiting
Our Executive Recruiting division provides a top notch hiring solution for legal industry employers. Through a team of experienced recruiters, paired with an extensive candidate resume database, and an extensive social media network, LSC’s Executive Recruiting group has access to the best of the best. We will provide employers with an effective solution to source the most qualified candidates for their critical requirements.

Search Options

Contingency Search:  With no upfront costs, pay only if you hire one of our candidates
Hybrid Search with RM (Unretained Search): With a modest upfront marketing fee, we will market your company brand and specific job to the legal masses adding Marketing value to your HR expenditure.  Each search includes a press release and distribution of your branded content across the web via social media.